Stacks 4.0

private dev beta 26

  • 369Replacing images in site image stacks that are inside of Externals now correctly stores the new image data.
  • 368Making changes to an external in one document, while the another docuemnt is open with the same external no longer causes site images to vanish.
  • 371Copying and pasting an external inside of a partial from one document to another no longer causes RapidWeaver to crash
  • 370Nesting externals no longer causes problems when using them in multiple files.
  • 367Site images now allow for rendering to full size as an option.
  • 293Site images now have an alt tag setting in the info sidebar.
  • 324Sort-by-tag works in Partials, Externals, and Templates now.
  • 197Library context menu now has a Favorite item.
  • 363Info sidebar title is a bit more descriptive when multiple stacks are selected.

private dev beta 25

  • 365When copying and pasting site images from one document to another, the resources will be automatically instlled in the other document.
  • 366When adding an external to a document it will ensure that the document contains any necessary images and resoures.

private dev beta 24

  • 338When running in Mac OS X 10.12 or earlier Stacks no longer crashes when moving/copying items.
  • 334Videos, iframes, and objects are again filtered from edit mode.
  • 352Double clicking on a text area when multiple stacks are selected will still edit that stack.
  • 289Text edit view will positions itself within the visible area more reliably.
  • 130The stack updater will now report when the installer fails to download the update requested by the appcast.
  • 350API: The macOS version number is transmitted when requesting the appcast to help aid in delivering the correct version of the stack for the user.

private dev beta 23

  • 351the info sidebar no longer chops off some controls when scrollbars cause sidebar width to change
  • 323files written in earlier versions of RW/Stacks no longer show empty links when opened in S4/RW8
  • 360when multiple copies of a single partial are used on the same page, their IDs are no longer duplicated
  • 349containers no longer cause some stacks to stick to Preview mode even when publishing
  • 359IDs inside of partials are no longer sometimes incorrect in preview mode

private dev beta 22

  • 325if-preview macros were not being evaluated correctly when placed inside of partials.
  • 357base-URL macros are now evaluated correctly when published to sites other than the default site.

private dev beta 21

  • 355When window is not the main-window toolbar buttons disable similarly to other UI now.
  • 354Toolbar button images are now inverted when the button is toggled on.
  • 336Toolbar buttons no longer have an out of place highlight when toggled on in light-mode.
  • 356Dark mode toolbar buttons are no longer slightly bigger than the same buttons in light mode.
  • 353Toolbar button rounded corners are no longer thick and ugly.

private dev beta 20

  • 343Copy and Paste in containers now works as expected.
  • 335Adding and removing items now updates the preview as expected.
  • 193Some improvements were made to devstack/auto-update reloading after changes.
  • 290Image well images now update their Preview image after an image is replaced.

private dev beta 18

  • 321Copying and pasting multiple items works as expected.
  • 309Deleting Multiple items works as expected.
  • 342Undo, when multiple items were changed, works as expected.

private dev beta 16

  • 316External delete alert box no longer uses "partial" naming for externals.
  • 318Deleting an external from the gear menu actually deletes the external files and instances.
  • 329Contextual menu inside of edit mode now says "unpack external" when appropriate.
  • 317The Safari Web Inspector setting in the developer prefs works again.
  • 328Moving and copying multiple stacks no longer maintains their relative order on the page.

private dev beta 15

  • 314Four column stack inject site-css file again and displays correctly in edit-mode.
  • 300Site images no longer appear in the Stacks Library when using RapidWeaver 7.
  • 215Page scoped properties have a blue edge in the info sidebar again.
  • 188Updated to latest Vue.js library for both included js and cdn. v2.6.10

private dev beta 14

  • 304Cleaned up Advanced/Developer preference pane.
  • 227Clear and Browse buttons of the image control no longer sometimes overlap.
  • 263Disabled HTML element placeholders no longer have overlapping text.
  • 271Moved to the Stacks v3.5 Update content and available stack count.
  • 312Update window is no longer stuck in light mode.

private dev beta 13

  • 308Multiple selections no longer link objects.
  • 305API: Gaurd against incorrect types in subtitles of custom controls.

private dev beta 12

  • No changes. Preparing for public beta.

private dev beta 11

  • 294Show in Finder works with Externals and Templates.
  • 270Really fixed the commas in custom CSS classes.
  • 274Include the Scss in compiled template edit mode.

private dev beta 10

  • No changes.

private dev beta 9

  • 203Added many missing icon names to the library groups combo-box popup menu. 237 missing icons. wow.
  • 229Added the missing CSS page extra to the compiled CSS page scope content.

private dev beta 8

  • 277Library groups at the bottom of the window are no longer unselectable.
  • 218The library view no longer "sticks" to dark mode and light mode when setting the view to "follows system".
  • 286Developer console button is no longer invisible when starting up stacks.
  • 257Updating stacks is again multi-theaded and no longer really really slow.
  • 288You can now choose to single-thread updates. They run slower but the logging info is much less jumbled.

private dev beta 7

  • 249Default controls no longer incorrectly show when multiple-selection includes a "bare" stack.
  • 235Some padding added back to the inside of the mez border around each stack. It was removed to slim down stacks -- but a bit too much was removed. I've added enough that there is now at least a 2px gap between a 100% sized div.
  • 284Preview and Publish preprocessor modes are processed correctly again.
  • 158Cut/Copy places some content from a stack onto the clipboard. Allowing copying an image from an image stack and pasting it into another app.

private dev beta 6

  • 252API: you can now use negative operators for enable controls: != notequalto doesntcontain doesntmatch etc. see bug url for more details.
  • 265Site image stack now appears in the built-in (star) group.
  • 238Font awesome CSS has been included in edit mode again.
  • 216Gear menu inside partial/external/template pane now reflects the proper stack type and should work as expected. (see also bugs: #208 and #231)
  • 230Top toolbar link button is hidden unless it is needed (when linking an image).
  • Top toolbar link button works as expected with Site Images.
  • 262Removed ID property from the default controls. It was just causing too many problems. Maybe some other day.
  • 268Can now tab between fields in the info sidebar.
  • 270Basic cleanup is done on the CSS classes entered by the user -- if you find more needs to be done, please file another bug thx.
  • 272Sidebar control text no longer has strange baseline offset problem making text appear shifted up and off-center.
  • 269Typing in a non-existant icon name into the library groups edit pane no longer causes crash.

private dev beta 5

  • 190API: you can now disable toolbar buttons in text editing panes. Clickt the link to see full details about the new API.
  • 226Toolbars should properly resize again.
  • 226Toolbars should properly resize again.
  • 255The X in the close button of the text editing panes is centered in the button.
  • 256The colors of the button in the text editing toolbars when in dark mode match the primary toolbars.

private dev beta 4

  • 243The "i" button on a stack toggles the info sidebar again. (this didn't actually get fixed in beta 3. oops)
  • 254Double click preferences behave as expected for text editing and partial editing (and not just opening the info sidebar).
  • 207Multi-X custom controls have correct heights with and without subtitles
  • When a sidebar group has all items hidden the group will be hidden.
  • 206Subtitles no longer chopped off.
  • 204Icon name populates when the library group edit popover opens.
  • 179Library group edit popover now has autocomplete on the icon name.
  • 201Library group edit popover no longer opens at top or side of library.
  • 198Icon image updates correctly when opening the library group edit popover.
  • 199Can no longer rename built in library groups using the gear menu in the library group popover.
  • 200Can no longer delete built in library groups using the gear menu in the library group popover.
  • 248Dragging no longer causes the selection to change as the drag begins.
  • 250Dragging is now validated for allowedTypes -- even when dragging multiple items

private dev beta 3

  • 243The "i" button on a stack toggles the info sidebar again.
  • 221Double clicking an uneditable region in a stack opens the info sidebar again.
  • 240Rounding, ticks, and number formatting of custom controls works as expected again.
  • 232JS no longer being run in edit mode
  • 223Number-of-clicks preference controls cleaned up and work as expected.
  • 234Go back to the un-borded look for text fields. The bordered look is nice in Majave, but looks terrible in High Sierra.

private dev beta 2

  • 241No longer obliterates the S3 serial number.
  • 242Allow non-mojave systems to switch on dark mode just for the edit view -- this will onlly be an option when the developer console is displayed.
  • 228Text changes should are immediately reflected in preview and simulation views.

private dev beta 1

  • Externals and Templates
  • Improved Text Editing
  • Library Group Customization
  • Multiple Selection and Editing
  • Resource Images