Collage v2.4


  • 5Collage pages that contain multi-page PDF files will no longer attempt to export them.
  • 6Collage pages with missing or unexportable images no longer cause RapidWeaver to repetitively export in Preview mode.
  • 2Lightbox images are no longer double sized when exporting on a retina display running macOS Sierra.
  • Bug fixes and improvements for macOS 10.12 Sierra.


  • UI update.
  • Changes for upcoming RapidWeaver releases.

Collage v2.3


  • Fixed a bug that could cause images not to export in some situations on RapidWeaver 6.
  • Fixed a crash in Mac OS X 10.7.


  • Corrected appcast for RapidWeaver 6.


  • New icons for RapidWeaver 6.
  • Collage will no longer hang RapidWeaver 6 when Collage is set to the homepage.
  • Arranging items by drag and drop works again in RapidWeaver 6.


  • Cleaned up Sparkle updater UI.
  • Compatibility update for upcoming changes to RapidWeaver, Gatekeeper, and the Mac App Store sandboxing rules.