PlusKit 4.2


  • Added notarization for macOS Catalina.

PlusKit 4.1


  • 2Crashes in RW 8.2


  • 2Crashes in RW 8.2


  • 1Image lightboxes now export larger images as expected.


  • 34@import correctly renders in RapidWeaver 8.1


  • 32PlusKit no longer crashes when using Find Plus in a project with Stacks in RapidWeaver 8.
  • 33Known Bug (unfixed): PlusKit image lightboxes do not work correctly in RapidWeaver 8. The crash (above) needed to be fixed immediately. A fix for image lightboxes will come soon.


  • 31Garbage is no longer output from the gtable syntax when arguments are used.


  • Google document imports work as expected.

PlusKit 4.0


  • Fixed a bug that prevented publishing for some users.


  • 25Google Forms work again -- and there is a corresponding enable in the PlusKit settings.
  • 24You can now import pages with 2-byte characters in their titles (like Kanji).
  • 23Removed an error that prevented some users from publishing.
  • 20Fixed a crash when publishing many pages that include @imports to complex content -- like Blogs and Stacks pages.
  • 12Minor UI improvements.


  • Many UI updates.
  • PlusKit export speed improved.
  • Many many many crashes and exceptions fixed.
  • 21PlusKit now alerts users when they are running older versions of RapidWeaver that are incompatible.
  • 13PlusKit now works with RapidWeaver 7.1 lazy loading.
  • 19Loops in @imported pages are now detected and disconnected in RW 7.1 threaded publishing.