Stacks 3.2

Stacks 3.2.4

  • 640Fixed crash that could occur when using PlusKit to import one Stacks page into another. Only in RapidWeaver 7.1.
    Note: Please don't use PlusKit to @import Stacks pages into other Stacks pages. It's very inneficient and prone to errors. Please use partials instead, they work great, they're much faster, and more flexible.

Stacks 3.2.3

  • 632Fix for intermittent hang while previewing.

Stacks 3.2.2

  • 624Fixed a bug that prevented some partials from being deleted.
  • 629Dragging images from the RapidWeaver media inspector works again in RapidWeaver 7.
  • 630Fixed crash in Mac OS X 10.9 that was introduced in 3.2.1 when closing documents.

Stacks 3.2.1

  • 615Added missing keyboard shortcuts to the preference pane that lists them.
  • 618Added tooltips (with keyboard shortcuts) to many toolbar buttons.
  • 619When RapidWeaver 7+ is Quit with Autosave disabled and text in a stack is still mid-edit (the Done button has not yet been clicked to finish the edit) the edits are now saved before quitting. This makes RapidWeaver 6 and 7 behave the same.
  • 597Add keyboard shortcuts to some toolbar buttons.
  • 616
  • 617
  • 620Fixed a crash when opening some files.
  • 611Fixed an intermittent crash on launch.
  • 612Fixed SASS debug info being dumped to the console. This should speed up 3rd party stacks that use SASS like Elixir's Foundry.
  • 613Fix the close box style when using some 3rd party stacks.

Stacks 3.2.0

    Sierra Public Beta Improvements
  • 605Fixed a bug that caused the library not to draw icons as they scrolled.
  • RapidWeaver 7.1 Improvements
  • 607Internal changes to Node IDs to make them work better with RapidWeaver 7.1 -- Note that Node IDs are no longer document-wide unique but are still guaranteed unique for each page.
  • 610Partials are now saved until they are deleted by the user (in RW 7.1). Partials no longer need to be used to persist.
  • 609Partials are now deleted from a document only when they are removed from the Stacks Library (and they aren't being used).
  • 608All partials will now load immediately in RapidWeaver 7.1 (fixes the regression introduced in earlier beta versions).
  • API Improvements
  • 606API: A developer mode switch in the preferences allows stack developers to show/hide developer-specific info.
  • 604API: API version number discrepancies corrected. Fixed and should be more consistent going forward

Stacks 3.1

Stacks 3.1.0

  • 567Added a preference to choose to Edit/Get-Info with Double-Click or Second-Click.
  • 558Edit alt tags and filenames of gif images.
  • Performance improvements for 3rd party stacks with many custom controls.
  • 575The close button draws icon centered on non-retina displays.
  • RapidWeaver 7 Improvements
  • 569Stacks uses the native Info panel modes in RapidWeaver 7.
  • 568An "i" button was added to the selected stack for easily opening the Info panel. Double click works now too!
  • 566Lots of tiny improvements for the Info panel to help it look great in RapidWeaver 7.
  • 565The redundant Info toolbar button was removed from RapidWeaver 7 (but still appears if running RapidWeaver 6).
  • Stacks API Improvements
  • 251trueValue and falseValue now work for for arrayed controls.
  • 571The most recent Font Awesome and jQuery libraries
  • 5603-wide control arrays of checkboxes, colorwells, text-fields, and number-fields.
  • 518Number controls validate min/max on arrayed number controls.
  • 579Default min/max values of array number controls are no longer arbitrary set to 0/100.
  • Stacks API Improvements

    There are tons more changes and improvements that we omit from the final release notes just to keep them short and sweet. If you'd like to know more about all the nitty gritty details or help us test the Stacks beta just join our Stack channel: or follow us on Twitter