Stacks 4.0


  • 406When an External or Template is created it will now appear in all open libraries. However there are still cosmetic isseus where all libraries may not show the most up-to-date info such as titles/subtitles. For more info on these cosmetic issues, please follow the related linke to issue #416.
  • 412Drag and drop from the library word again when using non-standard input devices like stylus tablets and when using Stacks through a remote screen-sharing connection.
  • 413Site Image stacks are no longer created when dragging images into a RW7 project. Plain Image stacks are created as expected.
  • 414The image stack default scale size was set to the Stacks 3 value to improve project compatibility.
  • 362Fixed a rare issues where a stack could be inserted twice when dragged from the library.
  • 388Possible fix for crash reading a specific project with corrupt file data.


  • Customizable Dark Mode
  • Externals and Templates
  • Improved Text Editing User Interface
  • Library Group Customization
  • Multiple Selection and Editing
  • Site Images