Stacks 4.0


  • 489Fix crash that could occur when finishing edits to an Image Stack.
  • 491A fix for image transform API issues introduced in Stacks v4.0.0.
  • 470The Markdown link button will add "https" instead of "http".
  • Active that use a stack that has had an update will be marked as changed after the update.
  • 453Editing the info-sidebar properties when multiple stacks are selected will now trigger a Preview mode update as expected.
  • 477Editing the info-sidebar properties when multiple stacks are selected will marks the page as changed.


  • 449Stacks no longer modifies the web preference user defaults.
  • Improved codesign and notarization for Catalina.


  • 428The background-page stack of each page or partial-page are no longer allowed to be locked or hidden. Pages that had been mistakenly allowed to be saved this way (in an earlier version of Stacks 3) will be fixed when they're opened. (see also #429 and #430)
  • 419Hide and Lock buttons in the top toolbar work when multiple items are selected.
  • 440When RapidWeaver launches into Preview mode the preview no longer gets stuck with a blank preview. A new preview render will trigger after the file and library are loaded.
  • 435Stacks no longer crashes when stacks with bad icon-ids are selected. This fixes crashes with the Depth stacks.
  • 410Undoing a text change after you close the text box no longer crashes.
  • 436Stacks no longer crashes on launch when attempting to open large externals.
  • 432An easter egg feature. Click the link and see notes to learn how to enable this.


  • 406When an External or Template is created it will now appear in all open libraries. However there are still cosmetic isseus where all libraries may not show the most up-to-date info such as titles/subtitles. For more info on these cosmetic issues, please follow the related linke to issue #416.
  • 412Drag and drop from the library word again when using non-standard input devices like stylus tablets and when using Stacks through a remote screen-sharing connection.
  • 413Site Image stacks are no longer created when dragging images into a RW7 project. Plain Image stacks are created as expected.
  • 414The image stack default scale size was set to the Stacks 3 value to improve project compatibility.
  • 362Fixed a rare issues where a stack could be inserted twice when dragged from the library.
  • 388Possible fix for crash reading a specific project with corrupt file data.


  • Customizable Dark Mode
  • Externals and Templates
  • Improved Text Editing User Interface
  • Library Group Customization
  • Multiple Selection and Editing
  • Site Images